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What We Do

The Foundation supports sustainable community-led wildlife conservation initiatives across Africa. Responsible travel is at the heart of the African Horse Safaris Ethos. Whilst we are in the formative years, we are taking the lead from our horse riding safari operators, supporting programmes that they endorse and are relevant to the areas where our guests ride. The majority of our operators have been living and working in these areas for decades and therefore know how we can provide the best support. We believe that this will create a great synergy with our clients as they will be able to see that just their travelling to Africa is making a tangible difference in the areas they are visiting.


• A portion of each client booking fee will be donated by African Horse Safaris
• Travellers have the option to match AHS’ donation pre-travel
• Online donations can be made through our website and fundraising platforms
• Hosting annual Charity events
• Supporting operators with the same responsible travel ethos
• Industry donations and collaborations
• Creating awareness of important conservation efforts


• Donations from the African Horse Safaris Foundation to existing wildlife and sustainable conservation projects
• Providing funds to purchase equipment for rangers and anti-poaching efforts
• Supporting Guiding Schools
• Sponsoring (or co-sponsoring) educational/vocational training for identified individuals in local communities (Long term goal)
• Sponsoring veterinary skills training in remote areas (Long term goal)
• Sponsorship of services by professionals such as equine therapy for disadvantaged people (Long term goal)