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Who We Are

The African Horse Safaris Foundation has been set up by a group of passionate travellers, horse riders and conservationists. We’ve spent the last 6 years offering unparalleled horse-riding adventures across some of Africa’s most spectacular landscapes and want to do everything in our power to protect these incredible areas and the wildlife that calls this home. Not only are our riding holidays exciting, vibrant and unforgettable experiences – they truly are life-changing. Responsible tourism is at the heart of the African Horse Safaris ethos. Just by travelling with us, our guests help fund conservation initiatives, uplift local communities and make a tangible difference in Africa’s wildlife, landscapes, and inhabitants.

We believe we can do more. Our team is dedicated to creating unique partnerships with travellers, corporates, and individuals across the globe. We want to raise funds to support conservation efforts and community initiatives across the continent, starting with the areas in which we ride. And of course, we’d like to get as many people as addicted to Africa as we are!


The African Horse Safaris Foundation supports wildlife and biodiversity conservation, and the implementation of sustainable community development in the countries where we offer our horse riding holidays.

We believe in supporting the local communities and preserving the landscapes and wildlife in the regions through which we ride for further sustainable and responsible travel.


Isabel Juby

Isabel is the heart and soul behind African Horse Safaris, ever since she started the company in 2016. Isabel was born just outside of London and lived there until she was 23. She first got bitten by the Africa bug on a family trip to explore Namibia. After University, Isabel left the UK for Africa for what was supposed to be a 2 month’s work placement with a horse safari company in Botswana… And yet here we are 7 years later!  She now calls Zimbabwe home and has travelled across much of Southern and Eastern Africa, both in and out of the saddle. Combining her love of horses, travel and Africa, setting up the Foundation is the next step in her African journey.

Greg Bows

Greg Bows

Greg first stepped foot onto this wonderful continent in 2000 on a family vacation, falling in love with Africa while on safari. A few years later, he took a year off to backpack from Ethiopia to South Africa. Inspired by the people he met and the incredible places he visited on his travels, he co-founded what is now one of the biggest voluntourism companies in the world – African Impact. In 2022 he also became the co-founder of a marine research volunteer project called Marine Impact. Whilst it is fair to say he is not a horse-mad, he knows all there is to know about African Tourism and has been involved in volunteering and conservation for many years.

Troy Peden

Troy Peden is the Founder of GoAbroad.com and their charitable Foundation, which was created over two decades ago. Through this, Troy has been involved in supporting NGO and non-profit work in the continent of Africa from freshwater projects, girl empowerment initiatives, street children centres and environmental initiatives. Troy’s extensive travel experience have included studying, working, and volunteering throughout Europe, Russia, Africa, Latin America, South America, and Asia. With this unique background, Troy has become a key advisor for the African Horse Safaris Foundation.