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A rhinoceros eating grass with a group of horse riders behind it


Dates: TBC usually the first week in June
Cost: 8 Nights: From GBP 2940 per person sharing
Donation: For every booking, African Horse Safaris will double the donation to the Foundation 

The Game Census really is an incredible experience if you are looking for something different that takes a horse safari experience to the next level. The annual Game Census week is a chance to really immerse yourself in wildlife conservation and management. It offers thrilling horse riding, close encounters with wildlife, an in-depth into wildlife management and veterinary plus unforgettable memories. This is not for the faint-hearted but rather for those who are ready to get in on the action. It’s highly rewarding in every single way! You will come away with some bruises and scratches, but this just reminds you that it wasn’t all an amazing dream!


From game counting and darting to capturing and relocating wildlife on horseback, the activities all have a unique purpose: to keep the private reserve and its animal residents thriving. Guests can take part on horseback or in the game viewer, but be prepared to get stuck in wherever you are! Non-riders are also welcome as they can head out on the vehicles and get involved in other ways.


Ant Africa Safaris is split into 2 lodges, both being booked exclusively for this event so you build up great camaraderie with the staff and other guests. Ant’s Nest is built in a natural amphitheater surrounded by mountains and has more of a homely atmosphere with a garden, big pool and is great for families or groups of friends who are happy to share. Ant’s Hill was designed from scratch and built on the side of the mountain with large views overlooking the plains and perfect for couples, friends or even families looking for something a bit plusher.


With both lodges filled with guests, plus all the staff and volunteers, you can have up to 40 horses and riders taking on this challenge.  Add a few game drive vehicles and a helicopter and it’s an incredible adrenaline-fueled atmosphere. The horses are absolutely fantastic, taking you far off the beaten tracks and allowing you get to wildlife that the vehicles can’t get to. Often animals being captured are wounded and need to be treated, or need to move to different reserves as part of the breeding programmes. You can expect anything from a small impala to a huge buffalo, or even a giraffe!


Opening night starts with a presentation from Ant Baber about why the census is so important, how it all works and what you can expect. Then you’ll meet the wildlife vet who will give you a breakdown of what their goals are for the week ahead. On day two, you get to meet your safari horse for the week and the adventure begins! The week’s activities depend on what wildlife needs to be counted and captured and the last night is always a bit of a party – everyone dresses up and it’s loads of fun

SPACE IS VERY LIMITED FOR THIS EXCLUSIVE RIDE – You can register your interest and be put on the waitlist – once dates are announced, you’ll have 10 days to confirm whether you’ll be able to attend and pay your deposit or forfeit your place.


    2022 Ants Nest Game Census